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9-10mm Large Hole Pearls - 1130FW

9-10mm Large Hole Pearls - 1130FW

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 In the past, Freshwater Pearls with large hole were impossible to find, because every hole came in standard sizes which were very small, around 0.5mm to 0.8mm. With bigger hole, you can finally use leather cords or thicker wires in your design project due to the holes are much bigger. However it’s recommend to use leather cords that are slightly smaller than the actual hole, so you can guarantee that the cord will go all the way through. 

These are not prefect round shape and most people refer to them as potato shape.


Shape:  Semi Round
Size: 9-10mm
Hole Size: 1.8mm
Length:  Approx. 4 inch Strand


Please be aware that each single piece of pearl has variations in shape, size and color; the actual pearls you receive may be slightly different from the picture.

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